Study Guide

Pamela Chapter 94

By Samuel Richardson

Chapter 94

Wednesday, the Seventh

  • Pamela picks up her narrative on the next day. It's a report about her heart-to-heart with Lady Davers.
  • Lady Davers wanted all the dirty details of the trials Pamela endured prior to Mr. B's reformation, including how her feelings for Mr. B had changed.
  • In fact, Lady Davers even asked to see Pamela's letters describing her ordeal—because, really, why shouldn't everyone in the family get to read her private thoughts?
  • Lady Davers's reasoning is that the details will further prove Pamela's excellence and, therefore, make Lady Davers more willing to love her.
  • Also, she wants to find further proof of Pamela's excellence so she can justify her brother's choice to Lady Betty, the woman she had been trying to match with Mr. B.
  • Duh.
  • Beck, who was watching, spilled some happy tears for how well they're getting along.
  • Pamela then left Lady Davers, somewhat regretful that she didn't use the opportunity to get more intel about Sally Godfrey.
  • Pamela closes by noting that Lady Davers is headed back home tomorrow, and she and Mr. B will finally leave for Bedfordshire as well.