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Minor Characters in Perfect

Minor Characters

Jenna Mathieson

Jenna is Kendra's younger sister and Andre's girlfriend. She likes to live fast and party hard, and at the end of the book she gets raped and stabbed after asking a strange man to buy her alcohol.


Dani is Cara's first girlfriend. They meet when Dani pulls Cara out of a snowdrift at Mt. Rose.

Conner Sykes

Conner is Cara's twin brother—and one of the narrators of Impulse—and he dies by suicide at the end of Perfect.

Mrs. Sykes

Mrs. Sykes is Cara and Conner's mother, and she expects perfection from her children. She runs Conner's teacher out of town after they have an affair, and writes a letter to Conner that contributes to his suicide.

Mr. Sykes

Mr. Sykes is Cara and Conner's dad. He rarely speaks, preferring to let Cara's mom do the talking.

Andre Kane, Jr.

Andre Kane, Jr. is Andre's father and a wealthy real-estate speculator.

Dr. Kane

Dr. Kane is Andre's mom, a plastic surgeon who is supposed to do Kendra's nose job. She's the one who first tells Kendra's mom about her daughter's eating disorder.

Caroline Carruthers

Caroline is Kendra and Jenna's mom. She pushes Kendra to be a pageant superstar and runway model.

Patrick Carruthers

Patrick is Kendra's stepdad, and an orthodontist who promises to fund her nose job.

Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff is Sean's uncle, a former jock who builds a home gym and otherwise supports Sean's baseball career, including getting him out of jail when necessary. He's married to Aunt Mo, and Sean and Wade came to live with him after their parents did.

Aunt Mo

Aunt Mo is Uncle Jeff's wife, and Sean, Chad, and Wade's aunt.


Shantell's a cheerleader on Kendra's squad and fellow dance student of Andre's. She tough-loves him into being a dancer when he considers giving up.

Bobby Duvall

Bobby's another Grizzlies baseball player who asks Chad for steroids. He takes Jenna to the prom.


Chad is Sean's older brother and steroid/Viagra dealer.


Wade is Sean's younger brother who lives with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mo.

Mr. Mathieson

Mr. Mathieson is Kendra and Jenna's racist dad who abandons them for his mistress. He freaks out when Jenna brings Andre to the restaurant and when Andre goes to the hospital to visit her.


Shiloh is Mr. Mathieson's much-younger fiancée, for whom he left Kendra and Jenna's mother.


Liana is Andre's secret dance teacher, who encourages his talent and choreographs his routine with Shantell for the Vegas audition.


Xavier is Kendra's slimy agent who gives her diet pills and introduces her to Gilles.


Gilles is the developer of a teen fashion line who sleeps with Kendra in exchange for a modeling job.


Tony is a boy who was at Aspen Springs with Conner, and one of the other characters in Impulse. He and Vanessa give a eulogy at Conner's funeral.


Vanessa's a girl who was at Aspen Springs with Conner, and one of the other characters in Impulse. She and Tony give a eulogy at Conner's funeral.


Aubree's a cheerleader on Cara's squad who starts dating Sean after Cara dumps him.