Study Guide

Gode in Possession

By A.S. Byatt


Gode is another one of Possession's characters that comes to us from a distance. We only ever "meet" her through the journals of Sabine de Kercoz, and we never see her speak or act first-hand.

Gode was a servant in the de Kercoz household, and a much-valued servant at that. She's the kind of rural woman who's been gifted with generations of local women's knowledge, and she acts as a kind of midwife, healer, and "witch" in their community. Gode tells a mean story and bakes a mean cake, and she can cure what ails you, too. She's exactly the kind of woman you'd want to have in your corner if things ever got tough on a cold winter's night in the middle of nowhere, and she's been a surrogate mother to Sabine throughout the young woman's life.