Study Guide

Isidore LaMotte in Possession

By A.S. Byatt

Isidore LaMotte

If you can't think of Isidore LaMotte without picturing the finger-chopping Isildur from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, you're not alone.

There's no denying that Christabel LaMotte's father had an awesome name, and, luckily for him, he had other great qualities, too. As James Blackadder tells Roland Mitchell, LaMotte was a noted folklorist in his day and was the author of multiple books that collected myths and legends from Brittany, France, and Great Britain (3.38). He was also a great father, according to Christabel (10.85), and it's thanks to him that Christabel grew up with such a strong love for literature, scholarship, folk tales, fairy tales, myths, and legends.

Way to go, Dad.