Study Guide

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Chapters 41-45

By Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Chapters 41-45

  • The Bennet sisters are trying to pass the time before the militia leaves Meryton when Lydia gets invited to go to Brighton with Mrs. Forester.
  • Elizabeth tells her father that this is a bad idea. A very bad idea. Lydia is supposed to be a warrior, not a silly girl chasing after officers.
  • But Mr. Bennet thinks the trip is no biggie, so Lydia is allowed to go.
  • Right before the militia is supposed to leave, Elizabeth runs into Mr. Wickham at a party. He tries to talk her up, but Elizabeth is not having it.
  • Elizabeth mentions the stable boy incident to him, and Mr. Wickham gets embarrassed.
  • Yup. She's got you figured out, bro. Good riddance.
  • A few weeks after Lydia has left for Brighton, Elizabeth and the Gardiners are supposed to set off on their trip. But Mr. Gardiner has to change plans at the last minute due to zombie troubles in London, so they decide to go to Derbyshire instead of the Lakes.
  • One evening, before they've all left, Elizabeth sees some zombies roasting in the flames of the burning grounds near her house. Good times.
  • The trip to Derbyshire is lovely until Elizabeth and company get to the village of Lambton. This is where Mrs. Gardiner grew up, and it's very close to Pemberley, which is Mr. Darcy's estate. Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner decide they'd like to see the house.
  • Elizabeth doesn't think that's such a great idea. But she changes her mind once she hears that Mr. Darcy is in London.
  • Pemberley, here they come.
  • The Gardiners and Elizabeth drive their carriage up to Pemberley, and the house is really a sight to see. The entire thing is decorated like a Japanese palace, complete with stone dragons and a jade door. Very posh.
  • Inside, the housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds, gives Elizabeth and the Gardiners a tour of the house and talks about Mr. Wickham and Georgiana.
  • Mrs. Reynolds also mentions that Mr. Darcy is probably the best guy ever to walk the planet. The kindest, the most generous, and the most lethal. You get the idea.
  • Once Elizabeth and the Gardiners finish seeing the inside of the house, they wander outside. There, Elizabeth sees a herd of about twenty-five zombies rushing toward them from the woods.
  • Elizabeth starts to fight off the first few zombies when she hears a gun shot. The rest of the zombies scatter, and Elizabeth notices a man on horseback with a smoking gun in his hand.
  • Mr. Darcy's home.
  • It's an awkward meeting, but they all make some small talk, and Mr. Darcy goes inside.
  • Elizabeth and the Gardiners decide to take a walk around the grounds (being careful to avoid zombies), and Mr. Darcy comes out to meet up with them. He's weirdly nice the whole time.
  • Mr. Darcy invites Mr. Gardiner back to shoot fish and tells Elizabeth that she should come by and meet his sister soon. See? A zombie slayer and a gentleman.
  • After they leave, Elizabeth fills the Gardiners in on Mr. Wickham and his dastardly deeds.
  • The next morning, Mr. Darcy, Georgiana, and Mr. Bingley come to visit the Gardiners and Elizabeth and invite them to dinner.
  • That night, Elizabeth tries to sort out her feelings about Mr. Darcy. Clearly, she doesn't want to kill him anymore. In fact, she figures out that she actually cares about him a little bit. But does she love him?
  • Elizabeth knows more about beheading zombies than love, so this is actually a pretty tough question.
  • The next morning, Mrs. Gardiner and Elizabeth decide to visit Georgiana at Pemberley.
  • Caroline and Louisa are there, of course. They're also not too happy to see Elizabeth hanging around Mr. Darcy's crib.
  • Caroline and Louisa are super rude to Elizabeth, but she stays calm and cool the whole time (and manages not to punch anyone in the face).
  • Mr. Darcy obviously wants his sister to get to know Elizabeth better, which makes Caroline even more upset.
  • When Elizabeth leaves, Caroline starts insulting her, and Mr. Darcy finally has knock her down a peg. Verbally. Though if there were any time to punch Caroline Bingley in the face, this would be it.