Study Guide

Minor Characters in Prince Caspian

By C.S. Lewis

Minor Characters


This guy is a hateful and spiteful dwarf who is only concerned for his own people. And he doesn't care about the means—just the ends. So he contemplates murder, refuses to follow orders, and even attempts to resurrect the evilest of evil doers, the White Witch—all to gain the power to meet his goals.

Luckily, he's killed off before he can bring back the White Witch. And being the Pevensie he is, Peter gives his body a proper burial.


Oh, magical creatures. Trufflehunter is the badger who, along with Trumpkin and Nikabrik, discovers Caspian in the southern woods. As a talking creature, he remembers Aslan and the old ways well and stays loyal to Caspian throughout the civil war. Note: we recommend only befriending talking badgers, as their non-talking brethren can be a touch testy.


This leader of Caspian's mouse brigade is a fearless and chivalrous warrior despite his pint-sizeiness. He fights valiantly for Caspian and the Old Narnians, no matter the cost. Case in point: he loses his tail in the final battle, though Aslan restores it to prevent the other mice from removing their own tails to maintain Reepicheep's dignity.

Reepicheep returns in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader where he plays a much larger role. You know, just in case you needed a little more Reepicheepness afterward.

Doctor Cornelius

Dr. Cornelius is half-dwarf, half-human, and all teacher. He's the Yoda to Caspian's Luke Skywalker. He teaches Caspian the truth about Aslan and the Old Narnians as well as his royal heritage. Although not a warrior, he uses his wisdom and knowledge to rescue Caspian twice: once when Miraz plans to assassinate him and another time to warn the war council that Miraz will attack the Dancing Lawn.


Pattertwig is a talking squirrel who is awesome because he's a talking squirrel and that's awesome. When the council blows Susan's horn, they decide to send messengers to Cair Paravel and the Lantern Waste to wait for whatever assistance might come. Trumpkin goes to Cair Paravel to discover the Pevensies while Pattertwig goes to the Lantern Waste to find a whole lot of nothing. Still, good on him for volunteering.

The Three Bulgy Bears

These slow-witted but loyal bears follow Caspian into war, and one marshals for Peter during his duel with Miraz.


This centaur who joins Caspian's cause is the first to put forth the idea of a civil war, as he saw that "'Tarva and Alambil have met in the halls of high heaven'" (6.21). Luckily for Caspian and company, he read those stars correctly.

Caspian's Nurse

Caspian's nurse raised him on stories of Aslan, King Peter, and the Narnia of ye olde. When Miraz learns that she's filling Caspian's head with "nonsense," he fires her on the spot. She's reunited with Caspian at the end of the novel, where we assume a decent retirement package awaits her.

Wimbleweather the Giant

Slow and stupid but also strong, loyal, and good-natured; that's Wimbleweather the Giant for you. He fights bravely on Caspian's side throughout the civil war, but the Old Narnians almost lose a decisive battle—and the war—thanks to one of his blunders (7.38).

Lord Glozelle and Sopespian

These guys are Telmarine lords with heaps of treachery up their sleeves. First, they trick Miraz into accepting Peter's duel. Later, when Miraz starts to lose the fight, Sopespian blames Peter for treachery to rally the Telmarines to fight while Glozelle stabs his own king. Whatever plans they had after that are cut short as Peter and Edmund cut both of them down.

Bacchus, Silenus, & the Maenads

These gods and creatures from Greek and Roman mythology have either made their way into Narnia from our world or are Narnian inhabitants remarkably similar to our myths. Bacchus (a.k.a. Dionysus) is the god of wine, theater, and hearty partying. Silenus is Bacchus's satyr sidekick, and the Maenads were Bacchus's female followers.

Curious as to why they're included in Narnia at all? Click on over to our "Symbols, Allegory, Imagery" section for a chit-chat on the subject.

Hag and Werewolf

These are companions of Nikabrik who attempt to resurrect the White Witch with him. Both are slain in the battle that follows, and Peter orders their bodies thrown into a pit. Yeesh, Peter, that's just cold as ice.

The Rivergod

The god of the Great River is chained by the Bridge of Beruna which Aslan commands Bacchus and his peeps to destroy. Once he's free, he goes on river-godding.

Queen Prunaprismia

Queen Prunaprismia is Caspian's aunt and Miraz's wife. Her pregnancy with Miraz's heir is what leads to the assassination attempt on Caspian. Her fate and the fate of her child remains a big old question mark.


Gwendolen is a little girl who joins Aslan's party after the lion puts the fear in her classmates and teacher, Miss Prizzle. Guess she thinks lions are pretty cool.

Caspian the Conqueror

Caspian's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather and the first of the Caspian line. He's called Caspian the Conqueror because he conquered Narnia. Yeah, the name's kind of on the nose, but it gets the point across.