Study Guide

Prince Caspian Chapter 13

By C.S. Lewis

Chapter 13

The High King in Command

  • Now, on to the business of winning this war. Peter plans to challenge Miraz to a duel. If he accepts, dandy. But even if Miraz doesn't, it'll buy them some time.
  • Peter has Dr. Cornelius write the letter of challenge. With no Internet, they have to hand-deliver the letter. Ugh, how tedious.
  • Edmund takes the letter with Glenstorm and Wimbleweather.
  • At Miraz's camp, the Lords Glozelle and Sopespian see Edmund and his companions coming from the wood.
  • They wager Edmund brings a challenge for Miraz and plan to use the challenge to their advantage.
  • When Miraz asks their advice, they use the king's own pride to trick him into accepting the challenge.
  • Back at Caspian's camp, Peter prepares for the duel and accepts Wimbleweather, Glenstorm, and the eldest Bulgy Bear as his marshals.
  • Sorry, Reepicheep.
  • Edmund asks Peter if he can win. Peter says he's fighting to find that out.