Study Guide

Minor Characters in Punkzilla

By Adam Rapp

Minor Characters

There are books that tell the stories of multiple people, or in which several characters are major players. And then there's Punkzilla, which is pretty much all about Jamie. It's Jamie's world—everyone else is just living in it. And because of this, we're giving everyone else supporting cast status.


P is Jamie's twenty-seven-year-old brother, a gay playwright in Memphis who's dying of cancer. He is the only member of Jamie's family to encourage him to be whoever he wants to be, and also the only relative Jamie trusts. The Major kicked him out when he came home for Christmas and came out as gay, so he and Jamie bond over their outcast status.

The Major

Jamie's father, an abusive ex-army guy who sends him to Buckner after Jamie gets arrested for stealing.


Jamie's older brother who always does everything right. Everything.


Jamie's passive mother, who's trapped in an abusive marriage to the Major and refuses to stand up for him.


Jamie's roommate at Washington House, best friend in Portland, and (literal) partner in crime.

Fat Larkin

The Portland criminal for whom Jamie and Branson steal iPods.

Buck Tooth Jenny

Branson's twenty-four-year-old sex worker girlfriend who writes to Jamie after he leaves Washington House (and collects doll heads to whom she talks and feeds Oreos).


The eight-year-old Jamie meets in the Idaho bus station.

Sam's Mom

The woman who agrees to give Jamie a ride. She invites Jamie to stay at her house, but he doesn't, because she thinks he's a pregnant girl.

Cornelia Zenkich

Jamie's Cincinnati neighborhood crush who ends up dating his brother Edward.

Black Betty

The woman at Washington House who dies when she sets her room on fire with a cigarette.


P's partner, with whom Jamie ends up living after P's death.

Torris Stone

Another cadet at Buckner, this guy tries to teach Jamie how to do rifle drills and push-ups.


The Pakistani kid at Bucker who gets beat up for being brown. In his sleep.

Kenny Kandinski

Abdus's roommate who looks the other way when Abdus is beaten. Stay classy, Kenny.

Carson Block

The man with whom Jamie hitches a ride the night he goes AWOL from Buckner.

Sergeant Mastaglio

The evil guidance counselor at Buckner.

David Voyce

Jamie's mean squad leader at Buckner.


An anorexic student at the University of Pittsburg who has lunch with Jamie on campus.

Alan Skymer

This guy gives Jamie a ride after he bounces from Bruckner, but unfortunately, winds up molesting him, too.

Fifty Watt Dave

A Washington House resident who drives a remote-control car up and down the hall and tries to hit people with it.

Easy Elise

A junior-high girl in Portland who brags about being on a milk carton. Branson's trying unsuccessfully to call her for sex the night he and Jamie meet.

Spanish Dave

A guy on the run who sleeps on Jamie and Branson's floor at Washington House for a week. He claims not to know Spanish but speaks it fluently in his sleep, so…

Patrick Karl

The Buckner student who sends Jamie a welcome letter before he arrives.

Erin Blake

The college freshman whose parents own the Lakeside Motel in Buffalo, Wyoming. She's working behind the counter the day Jamie arrives.

Lewis Williams

The transgender man Jamie meets at the Lakeside Motel. He feeds Jamie and gives him forty bucks. Thanks, Lewis.


The obese guy who smells like pee and drives Jamie across Nebraska.

Chad Haggis

A football player and bully with whom Jamie went to junior high.


The photographer who gives Jamie a hundred bucks for a photo shoot. Just like he says he will.

Grandma Beauty

Jamie's grandmother. She sends him a care package at Buckner and encourages him to stay Catholic.


The cool guy who picks Jamie up at a rest stop and drives him across Illinois. He's Marty's ex husband, and Albertina's dad.


Kent's teenage daughter with whom Jamie loses his virginity. It's true love until he wakes up in the morning and she's gone.


Kent's unstable ex-wife who takes Jamie to Santa's Village and pretends to be his mom.