Study Guide

Punkzilla Drugs and Alcohol

By Adam Rapp

Drugs and Alcohol

I can still feel the effects of the meth that me and this kid Branson did last night. It was my first time trying it and it made everything taste aluminum so I didn't feel like eating anything and now I'm totally f***ing starving but I already said that right? (1.9)

Amphetamines dull your appetite, so Jamie's hungry after a night on the Greyhound. We learn from the first page of Punkzilla that our narrator is in a mentally, physically, financially unstable place.

I think something's wrong with my hormones P. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm missing a gland. Maybe all that homegrown I smoked back in Cincinnati has permanently damaged me? That's what I get for smoking weed right? (1.17)

Jamie's only kind of joking. Marijuana may not obliterate your glands, but something has to be responsible for the fact that puberty hasn't happened to him yet.

He was huffing glue out of a brown paper bag and trying to call this junior-high girl called Easy Elise on a cell phone he'd just stolen. (5.86)

Jamie sees right away that Branson does drugs and steals, but after being tormented at Buckner, any kind of companionship looks good.

A simple memory suddenly multiplies itself by a thousand and takes over your sleeping life. I've heard that's how acid works. (8.16)

After meeting a girl named Mags with a gorilla on her sweatshirt, Jamie dreams of flying gorillas. Hallucinations are dreams that happen when you're awake, and hallucinogens amplify mundane visual stimuli into flying-gorilla-like proportions.

[…] Lewis scored some weed that came in this little plastic terrarium and then the guy left and we wound up getting really stoned like it was maybe the best weed I've ever smoked in my life. (12.63)

Any escape from reality feels good when you've just been sobbing about your brother's impending death. Even bad weed would have felt like great weed to Jamie that night.

I've been thinking about starting to walk east on Interstate 80. It's a stupid thought I know because a cop would definitely stop me but I'm on my second joke Coke and I'm liable to do anything. (15.50)

Jamie mixes liquor stolen from a hotel mini-bar with a rest stop Coke and ponders bad life decisions. Fortunately, his fear of law enforcement keeps him from getting hit by a semi while stumbling along the highway.

Meth is the last thing I want to be on right now but I do wish I had some of my medication because I'm having trouble focusing P focusing on anything right now is hard so I decided to write you again because it's the only thing that makes me feel better. (19.5)

Kent gives Jamie a cigarette, then acts surprised when Jamie knows how to smoke it. He's giving a runaway kid a smoke out of sympathy, but he's also testing how much he can say and do in Jamie's presence.

He said "So you sobered up yet?" and I told him I was cool and then he asked me why I drank and if I was bored with life and I said maybe a little…(19.21)

Jamie's actually really curious about and engaged with life, but you can only let life kick you in the head so many times before you start looking for an escape.

Halfway through the Sopranos Albertina asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot. She said not to worry and that it was legal because her doctor prescribed it. (19.105)

News flash: It's illegal to smoke without a prescription, even if the girl you're hooking up with has lupus. (Another news flash: The fact that we got to write that sentence is one of the reasons we love YA.)

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