Study Guide

Bradwell in Pure

By Julianna Baggott


The Barbaric Yawp

Ever met a dude with wings in his back? Well then, you've never met Bradwell, the good-looking, smart-talking, bad-guy-punching rebel with a cause of Pure. This guy protects Pressia and Partridge at all costs, and he looks pretty sweet doing it. Just take a look at a classic Bradwell scene:

"Stay here with Pressia!" Bradwell says, and with that he lifts his weapons and lets out a barbaric yawp. He charges the storm of small Dusts. (45.14)

Who says chivalry is dead? Bradwell is one person we feel completely comfortable with in terms of safety. He's strong and hardened, and he is willing to put his own life on the line for the sake of Pressia. Oh, and he's sort of (okay, really) handsome, at least according to Pressia. Remember, she once said, "Beauty, you can find it here if you look hard enough" (48.3). Yeah, she was referring to Bradwell when she said that. Let's take a look at how that all goes down:

Bradwell insists on walking behind everyone, "to keep watch," but Pressia wonders if he's worried about her. She remembers the feel of his hand on her neck before he cut out the chip and the gentle touch of his finger on her wrist scar. And his eyes, the gold flecks. Where had they come from? It was as if they'd suddenly appeared. (48.3)

Golden eyes? Gentle hands? Keeping watch from the back of the group? Can this guy get any cooler? Sure, sometimes Bradwell can seem a bit harsh (and he's totally a cynic), but we can't ignore what he means to Pressia and Partridge's safety. Plus, he has birds in his back and the government killed his parents when he was young; let's cut him some slack.