Study Guide

Illia in Pure


The Scalpel Warrior

Woman stabs husband in back with scalpel: saves the day.

Illia is one of those characters that we just know is going to do something important… but we just don't know when. When we first meet her, she doesn't have a name, and is dutifully following Ingership's orders at the farmhouse.

But when she's ordered to show Pressia the kitchen, she whispers to Pressia that she will help her as long as Pressia returns the favor. We don't see her until the very end of the book, but boy does she come up big. Just when Ingership pulls out a gun, she "drives the scalpel into her husband's back" (59.93).

We then find out that her name is Illia in a quick paragraph, which hints that she'll play some kind of a role in the next book. So let's keep her in mind when you start reading Fuse.