Study Guide

Pure Chapter 3

By Julianna Baggott

Chapter 3

Pressia (Scavenging)

  • Pressia is scavenging out by the market. She can hear people coughing, which is how you can measure death. It's pretty morbid.
  • She sees two twins with mangled legs. They chant a very creepy song about burning a "Pure" and taking its body parts to make things.
  • "Pure" is what people in the Dome are called.
  • Pressia recalls a game called I Remember, where kids exchange memories. The more intimate, the more you're willing to put your trust into people. Pressia has memories, but she finds herself pretending to remember and using other peoples' memories instead.
  • A girl asks her if she wants a Pure that is "toasted to a crisp." Pressia politely declines. Good move.
  • Pressia trades one of her butterfly wind-up toys with a man named Kepperness—whose son was attacked by a "Dust," or those who are fused with the earth. Kepperness' son is most likely going to die soon.
  • As Pressia leaves to go scavenge and she sees an OSR listing; it has her name, Pressia Belze, on it.
  • She then sees a little boy scrape his knee and run to a house that's occupied by a "Groupie" — three ladies fused into one — who yells at Pressia for hurting the little boy. A wolfish beast suddenly appears and chases Pressia and the little boy.
  • Pressia picks up the little boy and carries him to safety in a partially collapsed building. The boy bites her hand as hard as he can (thanks?).
  • A trapdoor opens, the boy screams, and then he runs away. A man comes out of the trapdoor and asks if Pressia is there for the meeting. Meeting?
  • Pressia sort of recognizes him, and since she's hungry and possibly going to be taken, she says she is there for the meeting.
  • She notices a fluttering motion under the back of the man's shirt and suddenly remembers him. He's the boy with birds in his back.