Study Guide

Pure Chapter 4

By Julianna Baggott

Chapter 4

Partridge (Metal Box)

  • Partridge is on a field trip in the Personal Loss Archives. In the Archives, there are metal boxes that are labeled and alphabetized. They contain the personal items of the dead.
  • Partridge finds Sedge's metal box, but doesn't open it. The box says, "Cause: Gunshot Wound, Self-Inflicted."
  • Unlike before the Detonations, suicide doesn't have too dark of a stigma for those in the Dome. Sedge's suicide was tragic because he was young and strong, but taking your own life is seen as admirable.
  • Partridge then finds his mother's box: Aribelle Cording Willux. He is eager to open it, and finds a birthday card with balloons on the cover, and an old photograph of him and his mother.
  • He then finds a music box, and hidden under it is a thin chain of a necklace and a swan pendant made of gold with a bright blue stone for an eye.
  • He puts all of the items in his pockets, and then slips the metal box back into its place. Sneaky.