Study Guide

Pure Power

By Julianna Baggott


You know what's pretty fun? Being in complete control. At all times. You know what's not fun? Feeling weak and helpless. And you know what makes a good story? Watching the underdog triumph.

There are all sorts of power in Pure; the physically powerful Bradwell, Pressia's powerful smarts, and Helmud's powerful silence. But as a general rule the outside of the Dome is devoid of power, and the inside of the Dome is corrupt with power.

Questions About Power

  1. Who holds the most power in this novel? Who wields their power in the most morally responsible manner?
  2. Why does Pressia try to gain power over the other characters, even her friends?
  3. What is more important in this post-apocalyptic world: physical strength or mental strength?

Chew on This

Despite his super-abilities, Partridge is powerless when it comes to working alone because of his feeble mind.

The Dome might seem like it is all-powerful, but in reality it's just a target that is bound to be overthrown.