Study Guide

Pyongyang Chapter 6

By Guy Delisle

Chapter 6

  • When David, a new employee, arrives, it’s Guy’s turn to play guide.
  • Guy takes David to all the restaurants (all two of them). They check out a Chinese girl while waiting for the elevator, and they make fun of translator Sin while he’s sitting right in front of them by singing “Captain Sin” to the tune of the Captain Planet theme. Ah, bonding.
  • Back at work, Guy gets into another Lost in Translation moment when no one wants to listen to his music again. Look, Guy: maybe they just hate your music.
  • David, Richard, and Guy go to a party at the NGO compound.
  • After a long night of drinking, they get a man named Roberto, who is “as soused as we are” (6.112), to drive them back to the hotel.
  • Roberto weaves between all the people in the street, whom Guy describes as “zombies in the night” (6.113). Well, we assume he weaves around them, at any rate. North Korea is so isolated, he could have mowed them all down, and we’d never know…