Study Guide

Pyongyang Chapter 7

By Guy Delisle

Chapter 7

  • Wake up. It’s time to go to the “International Friendship Exhibition.”
  • The “International Friendship Exhibition” is a place filled gifts from all over the world celebrating how freaking amazing the little Kims of North Korea are.
  • Most of the gifts are fake. We totally did not send him that bread maker, we swear.
  • The tour of the exhibit ends when Guy has to bow down to a life-like wax replica of Kim. At this point, we can’t tell them apart. It could be any Kim. Heck, it could be Kim Cattrall. Who knows?
  • Guy is forced to write in the guest book, so he says “I’ve never walked down longer hallways in all my life” (7.70). That’s pretty good as far as noncommittal compliments go. We give him a B-minus.
  • Guy and company leave and have a really nice picnic in the woods. They eat, they chat, they get to know nature, they check out more North Korean propaganda…
  • That’s right. The propaganda is inescapable. Kim Il-Sung’s name is literally scarred into the side of a mountain, sort of like Mount Rushmore?
  • Back at the hotel, Guy asks Mr. Kyu if he liked 1984. In a cold sweat, Mr. Kyu gives it back. “I don’t really like science fiction” (7.105), he says.
  • Guy pops a zit on his own nose. What? No product placement for Neutrogena?