Study Guide

Pyongyang Contrasting Regions: North Korea vs. the World

By Guy Delisle

Contrasting Regions: North Korea vs. the World

Ah, North Korea. You’ve seen all the travel brochures and plotted out all the sights you want to see. There’s the… Oh, and then the… And who could forget the…

Okay, there’s not a thing you’d actually want to see in North Korea, and we don’t blame you. In Pyongyang, the North Koreans try too hard to be loved, while not actually doing anything that would make you care about them. They come across as needy and sad. They need a hug, but they kind of smell. We don’t think there’s another country on Earth like North Korea and, in this case, being unique is not a good thing.

Questions About Contrasting Regions: North Korea vs. the World

  1. What are the biggest differences you see between North Korea and where you live?
  2. What similarities do you see?
  3. Do you think North Korea knows how different it is? (Like, really knows, whether they admit it or not?)
  4. Do you think it’s possible for North Korea to acclimate itself into world politics, or are they beyond all hope?

Chew on This

North Korea is a country ruled by paranoia like no other. Even Putin isn’t this paranoid.

While it’s easy to focus on the differences, it’s important to also look at the similarities. Look at all the corrupt leadership in North Korea. Hmm, we think everywhere has that in common.