Study Guide

Rabbit, Run Allusions

By John Updike


Literature, Philosophy, and Mythology

Hilaire Belloc (5.75)
G.K. Chesterton (5.130)
Reader’s Digest (12.16)
Saturday Evening Post (12.20)
Woman’s Day (14.1)

Historical References

The Dalai Lama (2.23)

Pop Culture

Errol Flynn (1.17)
The Mickey Mouse Club (1.23, 1.28)
Gigi (5.2-3)
Bell, Book, and Candle (5.2-3)
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (5.2-3)
The Shaggy Dog (5.2-3)
Ingrid Bergman (5.2-3)
Robert Donat (5.2-3)
Audrey Hepburn (17.8)
Some Like it Hot (8.1)
Might Mouse (15.53)


"Without a Song" (1.73)
"Secret Love" (1.74)
"Autumn Leaves (1.74)
"Rocksville, P-A" (2.53)

Rabbit’s Road Trip

"No Other Arms, No Other Lips"
"Stagger Lee"
Connie Francis, "If I Didn’t Care"
"I Ran All the Way Home Just to Say I’m Sorry"
Mel Torme, "That Old Feeling"
"The Italian Cowboy Song"
Duane Eddy, "Yep"
"Almost Grown"
"Let’s Stroll"
"The Happy Organ"
"Turn Me Loose"
"Rocksville, P-A"
"A Picture No Artist Could Paint"
Dody Stevens, "Pink Shoe Laces"
"Petit Fleur"
Henry Mancini, "Fall Out"
"Everybody Likes to Cha, Cha, Cha
"The Beat of My Heart"

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Harold Macmillan
Chinese Communists
The Dalai Lama
The Yankees
The Braves