Study Guide

Lucy Eccles in Rabbit, Run

By John Updike

Lucy Eccles

She’s an atheist but married to Jack Eccles. She’s also a big fan of Freud. And she’s hot. That’s why Rabbit smacks her butt. She is his fantasy lover, the woman he masturbates to and in whose image he takes comfort when lonely. She’s pretty mad at him by the end of the book. Just before going home to Janice that fateful Sunday, he refuses her invitation for coffee at her place after church, implying that what he’s really refusing is her offer for sex. It’s not clear whether she meant it as an offer for sex or not, but she’s livid at his reaction. After the baby dies, she thinks Rabbit is guilty. When he calls the house to talk to Eccles after running away from the funeral, she hangs up on him. She’s also Rabbit, Runs’s resident Freudian.