Study Guide

Rabbit, Run Chapter 22

By John Updike

Chapter 22

  • It seems like an eternity to Rabbit until the funeral.
  • Janice borrows clothing from her mother, and Rabbit blows up when she asks him how she looks, but then says her outfit is fine, already having hurt her.
  • At around one Mrs. Springer encourages him to eat, but he cannot.
  • Mr. Springer comes in rather excited, and reports that the coroner declared Becky’s death an accident, that there were no signs of deliberate abuse, but that he still wants to talk to Rabbit.
  • Rabbit suggest they jail him, and Mr. Springer advises him to stay positive and rational.
  • Rabbit’s stomach hurts and he eats two crackers, then eventually goes upstairs to borrow a clean shirt from Mr. Springer, then waits for everyone to come downstairs to leave for the funeral.
  • He thinks how terrified he is of seeing his parents, especially his mother. He knows she will have to stand by him, even if she no longer likes him, but that she has the power to kill him by abandoning him, just as she had the power to give him life.
  • Finally, the undertaker comes with the hearse.