Study Guide

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 11

By Robert C. O'Brien

Chapter 11

In the Library

  • As they walk the tunnel into the rats' den, it is very dark.
  • Finally, Mrs. Frisby sees a faint glow, but she's confused about where it could be coming from, since they are underground. 
  • They enter a long hallway that is well lit by tiny light bulbs. Yes: Tiny. Light. Bulbs. 
  • Justin watches Mrs. Frisby's amazement and tells her that the rats have had indoor electricity for four years. 
  • Mrs. Frisby knows about electricity but cannot believe that the rats know how to use it for their own needs. 
  • The group keeps moving and finally they enter a big round chamber that contains an elevator, which they ride in.
  • Finally, Mrs. Frisby sees more rats: rats working in groups, carrying things, being very organized.
  • They look at her with curiosity but never stop working. Now that's a work ethic!
  • Nicodemus comes over to Mrs. Frisby, who immediately notices that he has a scar over his eye. This rat's one tough cookie. 
  • Mr. Ages explains that Mrs. Frisby has a problem and Nicodemus says that they will help her if they can. 
  • The he asks Justin to take Mrs. Frisby to the library, where he will come find her after their meeting is over. 
  • Justin and Mrs. Frisby go to the library, which is filled with books. 
  • He excuses himself and says that they are having a meeting about the Plan, and that he needs to be there. 
  • Mrs. Frisby asks what the Plan is, but Justin has already left.
  • Alone, she gazes in wonder at all the books. Things are starting to fall into place about her husband and how smart he had always seemed. 
  • The pieces… are slowly… coming together… She thinks his intelligence must be related to the rats somehow. But she's not quite sure what the real deal is.
  • Then, on a large white board, Mrs. Frisby sees written out THE PLAN OF THE RATS OF NIMH.