Study Guide

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chapter 15

By Robert C. O'Brien

Chapter 15

In the Cage

  • At first, the rats think that they've been caught as punishment for stealing the food.
  • Nicodemus is thrown in a bag and left on the ground until the men think that they have caught plenty of rats. Then they load the bag into a big white truck. 
  • Nicodemus and Jenner talk, trying to figure out where they are being taken. 
  • Jenner has overheard one of the men say something about a lab, so they know they are going to a lab, but they don't know that means exactly.
  • When the truck stops, the rats are lifted out and brought inside. 
  • Altogether, one of the men says, they caught 63 rats. 
  • The rats learn that Dr. Schultz seems to be in charge.
  • They are placed in separate cages and the lights go off. What, no night light?
  • The rats are all scared and Nicodemus explains that the worst part for them is not knowing what's happening. 
  • Jenner and Nicodemus piece together that the rats have been split into a couple separate groups, but they do not know what the groups are for. 
  • They learn that Dr. Schultz has two helpers—George and Julie. 
  • The rats are injected with something in their hip that only hurts for a second. Yeah, right. That's what they always say.