Study Guide

Ready Player One Chapter 3

By Ernest Cline

Chapter 3


  • Wade enters Aech's chatroom, the Basement.
  • Here the two best friends get into a heated debate about whether or not Ladyhawke, a 1985 movie starring Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer, rocks or stinks. (Shmoop amongst yourselves.)
  • They're interrupted when another of Aech's friends, I-r0k (I rock! Get it? Oh, he sounds like a wonderful guy), enters the chatroom to stir up trouble.
  • He insults Parzival and brags about a videogame he acquired, as if he's the only person on Earth to have it.
  • Parzival and Aech know all about it: the Swordquest series of Atari games from 1982, unofficial sequels to Adventure, which Halliday's Hunt is an homage to. They put I-r0k in his place, and he leaves.
  • Aech and Parzival make arrangements for TV time after school just as the bell rings.

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