Study Guide

Rebecca Chapter 10

By Daphne du Maurier

Chapter 10

  • Maxim says he's relieved that the guests are gone; he wants to take a walk in the rain. Robert brings Mrs. de Winter a mackintosh (raincoat). It's too big for her, but Maxim is in a hurry so she wears it. Max asks his wife what she thinks of Beatrice, and she says she likes her a lot.
  • On their walk, they find themselves in an incredibly beautiful place Maxim calls "the Happy Valley" (10.31). It's totally secluded and full of trees and flowers. It also has a stream, and birds are singing with sweet voices. Sounds pretty nice.
  • There are white azalea petals on the ground, and they smell wonderful. Mrs. de Winter feels at home walking through the valley.
  • She's surprised when they exit the valley and find themselves on the hard beach with a cove beyond it.
  • Maxim laughs at her surprise. He tells her it's natural to be jarred by this new setting after experiencing the Happy Valley. Mrs. de Winter notices that Jasper isn't with them.
  • She hears a bark, and even though Mr. de Winter tells her not to, she walks over the rocks toward the cove where the waves are breaking.
  • She doesn't understand why Mr. de Winter would just leave Jasper behind, and she thinks it's kind of Grinchy.
  • When she gets to where she thought Jasper was, she sees another cove. There's a place for a boat, but no boat. There's also another little hard beach and the woods growing around it. Just on the edge of the woods, she sees a little boathouse.
  • Jasper is running around a man on the beach, and when she calls to him, he ignores her. Looking behind her, she doesn't see Maxim.
  • The man, in jagged speech, tells her that the dog's been digging for a shell since before noon.
  • Mrs. de Winter is irritated that Jasper won't come and asks the man if he has something she can use as a leash.
  • He makes some confused sounds and tells her that there isn't a shell here. She asks him again for something to use as a leash, and he still doesn't understand. He says that he knows the dog, and the dog isn't hers.
  • She tells him it's Mr. de Winter's dog, and that she's rescuing it for him.
  • Maybe there's something in the boathouse she can use to tie up Jasper. When she gets inside, she's surprised to find a furnished apartment. She can tell that no one's been inside for a long time, though.
  • There are spider webs and dust everywhere. The rain on the roof sounds awful. There doesn't seem to be anything she can use as a leash.
  • There's another door in the cabin, but something scary might be behind it. She opens it anyway and finds that it's a place to store a boat and keep boat supplies. After finding some twine, she hurries out, not wanting to look at the strange room.
  • She ties up Jasper and says goodbye to the man on the beach. He asks her if some female person (Rebecca) doesn't use the place anymore because she's at the bottom of the ocean and won't be coming back. Well, that's one way of putting it.
  • Mrs. de Winter says he's right. He asks if he said anything he wasn't supposed to, and she reassures him he didn't do anything wrong.
  • Our narrator heads back and finds Maxim waiting for her. She apologizes for taking so long, but Maxim turns around and walks off. She follows him.
  • Instead of going back over the rocks the way they came, they go through the woods by the cabin. She asks about the man on the beach. It turns out his name is Ben and he's not a dangerous person. In fact, his father was a groundskeeper at Manderley.
  • Now it's Maxim's turn to ask the questions. Where did his wife get that twine?
  • She says she got it from in the cabin, and Maxim isn't happy to hear this. The door is supposed to be locked. He asks if Ben told her to go in there, but she tells him how Ben didn't seem to even understand what she was talking about. He says Ben understands more than he seems to, and he's sure Ben's been in the cabin.
  • Mrs. de Winter doubts that. There weren't even any footprints; nobody's been in there.
  • Now they are in a dark, wet place in the woods. Jasper is having trouble keeping up because Maxim is walking too fast. Mrs. de Winter is exhausted, too, and she asks Maxim to slow down.
  • No way. Maxim says it's her fault for going after Jasper when he told her not to.
  • Mrs. de Winter defends herself: she was worried that a high tide might get Jasper. Maxim tells her that he wouldn't have left Jasper if there had been a high tide.
  • Now she thinks he's making excuses because he didn't want go down there. She could tell because his face is "white, and his eyes [are] strained and wretched with that dark lost look they had had when [she] first met him" (10.119).
  • She reaches out to him and holds his hand. Angrily, he admits that didn't want to go toward the boathouse. The cottage and the cove bring back terrible memories for him.
  • Mrs. de Winter doesn't want to fight with her husband.
  • Maxim says they should never have come to Manderley. (Yikes. This is still day one on the compound.)
  • When they finally the make it back home, Maxim is still stone-faced and cold. He tells Frith to bring them tea right away. Our narrator holds back her tears so Frith can't see.
  • When she gives him her coat, she sees something that's fallen on the floor and pockets it.
  • She finds Maxim in the library and says she doesn't want him to be mad at her.
  • He tells her he isn't mad, but Mrs. de Winter won't have any of it. She's made him sad, which is just like making him mad. She can't stand seeing him so broken up inside. She loves him.
  • He looks like a frightened, wounded kid. He even asks her if she really does love him.
  • Mrs. de Winter asks her husband what's bothering him, but Frith and Robert come in with the tea.
  • After tea, Maxim seems more like himself, and Mrs. de Winter is relieved. He even smiles at her.
  • Our narrator feeds a crumpet to the dogs. She gets butter on her fingers and reaches into her pocket for her handkerchief, but the hankie she pulls out isn't hers. Oops. It's what she picked up off the floor when she gave Frith her raincoat. This hankie must have fallen out of the pocket somehow.
  • She sees by the monogram, "RW," that it was Rebecca's handkerchief. She can see Rebecca's lipstick print and gets a whiff of Rebecca's fragrance – it's the same as the smell of the azalea petals in Happy Valley.

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