Study Guide

Rebecca Chapter 24

By Daphne du Maurier

Chapter 24

  • Turns out a crazy laugh isn't good for your case. Mrs. de Winter can tell that Colonel Julyan finds him repulsive and, more importantly, doesn't believe him. The colonel will stand behind Maxim for sure.
  • Colonel Julyan says that Favell is drunk and raving. He asks Favell why he didn't show the letter during the inquest. Good question, we think. Favell says it's because he preferred to talk one-on-one with Maxim. No big deal.
  • Maxim clears this up a bit. He reveals that Favell tried to blackmail him, and that's why Maxim called Colonel Julyan. Frank confirms this version of the story.
  • Colonel Julyan asks Favell if he has a witness or some other proof that Maxim killed Rebecca.
  • Favell says he doesn't need proof. (That won't go very far in court.) He just knows it: Maxim would be the one who most wanted Rebecca dead.
  • Colonel Julyan says that isn't enough. Favell is miffed: he thinks Colonel Julyan is siding with Maxim because they know each other and because Maxim owns Manderley. I mean, really, wouldn't you side with the celeb?
  • This 'tude is not boding well for Favell, and the colonel tells him to watch himself.
  • Favell won't give up. He says that Maxim killed Rebecca because he was jealous of her relationship with Favell. Once again, Colonel Julyan tells him that unless there's a witness, he can't take the accusation seriously.
  • Now Favell reveals that he might in fact have a witness. He suggests they bring up Ben from the beach. Ben!
  • Frank tells Colonel Julyan that Ben has had mental retardation since he was born and would not be a fit witness. But Maxim quickly interrupts: he has no problem bringing Ben to testify.
  • Well, then. Frank goes out to arrange for someone to bring in Ben to answer some questions.
  • In the meantime, Mrs. de Winter thinks of all the things Ben said to her. She's sure Ben knows, and it's making her super uneasy.
  • Now Favell goes off on Maxim. He says that Maxim Colonel Julyan and Frank wrapped around his little finger.
  • Plus, Favell says, Frank hates him (Favell) because he got Rebecca and Frank didn't. But don't worry, he says: the new Mrs. de Winter won't be so hard to get. Frank will be right there to console her when Maxim is sent to jail. Ouch.
  • Mrs. de Winter doesn't see Maxim punch Favell, but she sees Favell's reaction to the blow. He totally had that one coming.
  • Colonel Julyan suggests that Mrs. de Winter go upstairs. Even though Maxim was right to hit Favell (pretty lenient law enforcement there), she shouldn't have to see it. Mrs. de Winter refuses to leave.
  • Soon, Ben comes in. He says he's never seen Favell before. Rebecca's cousin tries to get Ben to admit that he knows him, and that he saw Favell with Rebecca through the window of the boathouse.
  • Ben is freaked: he asks if Favell is here to take him to the asylum. Frank reassures him, saying that nobody is taking him to any asylum.
  • Favell continues his argument: he tries to get Ben to say that he saw Mr. de Winter go into the cabin the night Rebecca drowned, but Ben says he saw nothing. The poor guy then begins to cry. No one is safe from Favell's bullying, it seems.
  • After Colonel Julyan lets Ben go, Favell claims that Ben was paid off. He thinks they should whip him until he tells the truth. Seriously?
  • Next, Favell goes to get Mrs. Danvers.
  • Uh oh. She must know something. Mrs. de Winter is terrified of what Mrs. Danvers might say.
  • Mrs. Danvers always seemed so tall standing next to Mrs. de Winter, but next to these men she looks very small and old.
  • The questioning begins: Colonel Julyan asks Mrs. Danvers what the relationship between Rebecca and Favell was like. Mrs. Danvers says they're first-cousins. Right, but what about their personal relationship?
  • Favell tells Mrs. Danvers to admit that Rebecca was in love with Favell.
  • Mrs. Danvers surprises the narrator by saying, "She was not in love with [Favell], or with Mr. de Winter. She was not in love with anyone. She despised all men. She was above all that" (24.119).
  • Even this bold statement won't shut Favell up. He tells Mrs. Danvers to admit that Rebecca spent her weekends with Favell in London.
  • The housekeeper responds: "What if she did? She had a right to amuse herself, hadn't she? Love-making was a game with her, only a game. She laughed at you like she did at the rest. I've known her to come back and sit upstairs in her bed and rock with laughter at the lot of you" (24.121).
  • TouchĂ©.
  • Neither Maxim or Favell look well at this point, and Mrs. Danvers is crying in her horrible style, without sound or tears. Mrs. de Winter wants to run from the room and scream. This is not going well for anyone.
  • Colonel Julyan asks if Rebecca could have committed suicide, and Mrs. Danvers says no. So he gives her Favell's note and asks if she knows what Rebecca was planning to tell Favell.
  • She has no idea, but she does have Rebecca's appointment book locked up. Aha! That'll do it.
  • When she brings out the book, they all learn that Rebecca kept some kind of appointment with a person named Baker.
  • There's a phone number in the back of the book next to Baker's name, and finally they succeed in tracing Baker's address. Turns out Baker is a doctor.
  • Mrs. de Winter is totally freaking out. She really, really doesn't want Baker to be found: he is probably the only one who can prove what Maxim has done.