Study Guide

Rebecca Chapter 26

By Daphne du Maurier

Chapter 26

  • Mrs. de Winter wakes up a little after 6:00AM. She can feel a little chill in the air: fall is coming.
  • She looks out the window and thinks of how nature won't stop for their troubles. No matter what happens, Manderley will always be beautiful.
  • Maxim is still sleeping, and she doesn't wake him up. Instead, she showers. While she's getting dressed, she hears Mrs. Danvers unlock their door, just like she locked it last night before they went to bed.
  • After breakfast, Frank tells them that Colonel Julyan is waiting at the gates of Manderley.
  • Frank will stay behind and wait for them to call. He wishes Mrs. de Winter wouldn't go; he's afraid it will be too exhausting for her. But of course, she insists.
  • Jack Favell is waiting in his car, and he follows them as they set out for London. On the way, Colonel Julyan naps in the backseat (long day yesterday) while Maxim drives.
  • They stop for lunch on the way, but Favell eats in a different restaurant than the other three.
  • After getting a bit lost, they finally locate Dr. Baker's office. The doctor invites them in.
  • He's heard about the inquest, but has never had a patient by the name of de Winter. Hmm. Colonel Julyan suggests that maybe she used a pseudonym.
  • Dr. Baker looks up the date in question. His patient that day was named Mrs. Danvers.
  • The doctor remembers Rebecca, who called herself Mrs. Danvers. She was terminally ill. She had some sort of tumor and had just months to live. Also, although it's not related to her illness, Rebecca had a "malformation of the uterus" (26.108) which would make it impossible for her to ever have kids.
  • After getting all this info, they thank Dr. Baker and leave his place.