Study Guide

Red Mars Part 5, Chapter 5

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Part 5, Chapter 5

  • John finds the Arab caravan; Frank is traveling with them.
  • They discuss who's going to call the shots now that people and equipment are coming to Mars in such numbers. Frank says it's the UN who's in charge and accuses John of hiding from the important decisions as Sax's errand boy.
  • Maya shows up unexpectedly the next day, and despite being apart for years, she and John hook up again.
  • After that, Frank becomes upset with John, meaning his Arab friends are equally upset with him. Though he does learn they know nothing about this Coyote fellow.
  • John moves on.
  • On the road, John considers all the dreams he had for Mars and how, year after year, it looks less and less like he envisioned.
  • John realizes he's been going about this all wrong—there are too many people on the planet now, and there's no way he can connect with them all and articulate all their Martian dreams.
  • He needs Hiroko, and she's nowhere to be found.