Study Guide

Red Mars Part 8, Chapter 4

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Part 8, Chapter 4

  • Maya pushes the survivors on and to the south, driving them into action.
  • They load up two new rovers with supplies and take off for still more and more driving. Yeesh.
  • Then, one day, they come to layered terrain in the polar region. Michel and Kasei drive them inside where they find a huge dome structure illuminated by the sun's light.
  • Underneath the dome is a village. The new arrivals are greeted by all sorts of people.
  • For starters, Peter's there, so there's a happy conclusion to Ann's story (thank goodness).
  • They're also greeted by children—their children, unbeknownst to them. Even Vlad, Ursula, and Marina are there, though we hope they had a better time of getting there than the others.
  • Finally, Hiroko meets them and welcomes them home, to the place where they will "start again" (8.4.13).