Study Guide

Red Scarf Girl Narrator Point of View

By Ji Li Jiang

Narrator Point of View

First Person

By the time the book is over, we feel like we're good friends with Ji-li. Why? She's been talking to us for a couple hundred pages. Not only that, but she shares all the gory details of her life; she doesn't just tell us what happened, Ji-li also explains how she feels about things.

Remember when she helps destroy a sign because it's a four old? When she relays the experience to her family, she's surprised by their reaction. Listen to what she says:

I knew the movement was vital to our country's future, and I did not understand how Mom and Dad could not be interested in it. (2.41)

Notice the I's tucked in there? That's how we know this book is in first person—whenever the narrator busts out I all the time, we're definitely in first person territory. And since Ji-li's right at the center of the action, she's a central narrator, too.  href="http:>