Study Guide

Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice) Courage

By Joseph Delaney


When was the last time you faced your fear? And what fear were you facing? Did you try sky diving? Live with a spider in your house? Say "boo" to a monster under your bed. But wait, there aren't any monsters in our world. There are in Revenge of the Witch, however. And Tom battles them, using only his wits and a big stick. Most adults in his world flee at the merest hint of a witch or a boggart. So it's easy to forget that Tom is only thirteen years old. We can only imagine what he'll be facing when he's an adult. Sky diving spiders possessed by witches? In any case, there's no debating the fact that this kid's very courageous.

Questions About Courage

  1. Does the Spook's apprentice need to be courageous? What aspects of the job require the most bravery?
  2. Is Tom inherently courageous, or does he have to learn to be brave?
  3. Tom says his mam is braver than he is. Do you agree? Who is braver than Tom?
  4. Is Alice courageous?

Chew on This

Tom has to talk himself into bravery a lot of times. It seems that courage and level-headedness might go hand in hand.

Tom's not always courageous. When his family needs him most, he runs away. Sometimes it takes two to be courageous—he's able to vanquish Mother Malkin once and for all once he teams up with Alice.