Study Guide

Revenge of the Witch (The Last Apprentice) Duty

By Joseph Delaney


There are many real-world occupations that require a strong sense of duty: police officer, fire fighter, teacher, soldier. In Tom's world, being the Spook's apprentice can be added to this list. Maybe in place of "soldier," actually, because we're not sure if those even exist in Revenge of the Witch. Tom is the one who defends the public against enemies—enemies of the supernatural persuasion, that is. And it's a thankless job. No one really expresses gratitude to Tom for completing his duties, and some people are outright hostile toward him. But a Spook's apprentice has got to do what a Spook's apprentice has got to do.

Questions About Duty

  1. What are Tom's duties as the Spook's apprentice?
  2. What are the Spook's duties to the County? Why does he do them even though many fear him?
  3. What duties does Tom's mam give to Alice around the farm? How do they differ from what Alice does for Bony Lizzie?

Chew on This

Tom's hard work ethic on the farm benefits him as the Spook's apprentice; both of these jobs require hard work with little promise of external reward.

Alice benefits from the structure she gets by helping Tom's mam on the farm. A good work ethic leaves little room for witchcraft, so this work helps keep her good.