Study Guide

Einar Andersson in Revolver

By Marcus Sedgwick

Einar Andersson

The guy dies before the book even begins, but we still think he's worth mentioning here because he's featured in the flashbacks and he's the guy who sets the events of Revolver into motion in the first place. Einar is a hard-working, responsible guy, who, by all accounts is one smart cookie. He knows how to figure out complex topics like Chemistry and gives advice to everyone on a whim—in fact, Sig tells us his favorite thing about Wash Day is just that:

It was at these times that Einar told Sig important things. The things a son should learn from his father. (2.24)

It seems like Einar is a loving dad with a quiet home life, right? Not so fast, Shmoopsters—he's also a thief. Apparently Einar outsmarted everyone at the assayers office to steal gold from under their noses—with them watching. Impressive, right? Einar's clearly one clever—and complex—dude.

In fact, we're not really sure what to think of him—he seems like a good dad, but he's also an intensely calculated criminal—and nether is his son. Sig has a hard time reconciling the dad he knew growing up (who was honest, kind, and humble) with the guy he learns about after his dad dies (who stole gold and masterminded an operation to keep Wolff away). In some ways, we think we're not supposed to come to a decision about whether this guy is good or bad, because—as is so often the case in life—it's more complicated than that.