Study Guide

Bogs Diamond and the Sisters in Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

By Stephen King

Bogs Diamond and the Sisters

Nothing Nun-ly About Them

Other characters represent the corruption in the prison. Bogs and the sisters represent the brutality. They're a rape gang, "doing hard bullets for brutal crimes. Their prey is the young, the weak, and the inexperienced or, as in the case of Andy Dufresne, the weak-looking" (81). They come after Andy a lot in the early years of his stay, and often beat him up. Badly. He gets the better of them, first by threatening to bite off anything Bogs puts in his mouth, then by surreptitiously having Bogs beaten up.

Bogs and the sisters give us a glimpse at how tough Andy is: "He always fought them, that's what I remember" (109). Eventually, he figures out a way to get rid of them by being patient, methodical and very clever. Bogs doesn't exist so much as a character himself, but rather as a neat way of showing us Andy's character. Well done, Mr. King.

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