Study Guide

Rajan (and His Other Brother) in Shantaram

By Gregory David Roberts

Rajan (and His Other Brother)

If you think Madame Zhou's eunuch servant Rajan is creepy after reading this description, wait until you find out there are two of them:

He was tall and thin. His fine, dark brown hair was pulled back severely and tied into a long plait that reached to his hips. He had no eyebrows, but very thick eyelashes, so thick that I thought they must be false. Some designs, in swirls and scrolls, were drawn on his pale face from his lips to his pointed chin. He was dressed in a black, silk kurtapyjama and clear plastic sandals. (2.13.114)

Rajan is the picture of loyalty. Both he and his identical twin are willing to die defending Madame Zhou, but they've put all of their loyalty in a creepy, creepy place. By doing her bidding, they become monsters, freaks, and Lin's enemies.