Study Guide

Shantaram Chapter 2

By Gregory David Roberts

Chapter 2

  • At Leopold's, Lin sees Karla. He's crazy about her.
  • Lin spends his time touring with Prabaker; Karla is very secretive about her life and work.
  • The two hang out with Didier Levy—a French expat who knows how to get any illegal item you might possibly want in Bombay—and his group of international friends.
  • Lin tells everybody he's a writer to keep his true job of evading capture under wraps. Didier fills in Lin on all the dirt on the Leopold's regulars.
  • Karla and Lin leave together, talk about Didier, and find a stray cat.
  • He tells her she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and she laughs.
  • A little boy walks up and Karla talks to him in Hindi for a while.
  • Lin leaves Karla at her house and walks back to his hotel.