Study Guide

The Three Little Blondes in Sharp Objects

By Gillian Flynn

The Three Little Blondes

Amma’s trio of blonde lackeys are never apart from each other, it seems, so we might as well discuss them as a unit:

“Camille, have you met Kylie, Kelsey, and Kelsey?” Richard said, pointing to the tall girl, the brassy girl, and the girl my sister called …

“That’s Jodes,” Amma said. “There are two Kelseys, so she goes by her last name. To avoid confusion. Right, Jodes?” (8.176)

Like Amma, they’re beautiful, manipulative, and secretly really insecure. And, somehow, they’re just as psychotic, because they help Amma kill Natalie and Ann. Jodes may be the only one with a moral compass, because she at least showed a sense of remorse.