Study Guide

Chicago People in Sharp Objects

By Gillian Flynn

Chicago People

  • Lily Burke: Amma’s friend from the Bell School in Chicago, who winds up dead. 
  • Frank Curry: Camille’s editor. Smells like cigarettes and old coffee. He’s a kind, uncle-type figure, who may be the only person who has ever truly cared for Camille in a non-psychotic way. He’s the first one who visits her in the hospital when she is institutionalized, and he’s Camille’s trusted friend when she needs to talk about her issues. In the end, he and his wife essentially adopt Camille, and frankly, there couldn’t be a better place for her. 
  • Tammy Davis: Drug addicted mom of four. Camille has to file her story on Tammy and her abandonment/abuse of her own children before she can leave to go to Wind Gap.