Study Guide

Adora’s Friends in Sharp Objects

By Gillian Flynn

Adora’s Friends

  • Annabelle Gasser (nee Anderson): Adora’s current best friend. 
  • DeeAnna: One of Adora’s friends at lunch with Annabelle and Jackie. 
  • Jackie O’Neele: Adora’s ex-best friend. “She had a melon of a head, covered with overbleached hair, and a leering smile. Jackie was catty and shallow, but she was always completely herself. She also was more at ease with me than my own mother. It was Jackie, not Adora, who slipped me my first box of tampons, winking that I should phone her if I needed instructions, and Jackie who’d always teased me merrily about boys. Small huge gestures.” (3.42) Now she’s a pill-popping socialite who gets too drunk at lunch, but she manages to confess to Camille that she’s always known about Adora’s little MBP habit. 
  • Julie Wheeler: Adora’s friend, proud, holier-than-thou mother to Meredith.