Study Guide

Notable Wind Gap Locals in Sharp Objects

By Gillian Flynn

Notable Wind Gap Locals

  • The Broussards: the elderly couple who discover Natalie’s body. 
  • James Capisi: The young boy who witnessed Natalie’s abduction by a woman in white. He’s “a thin boy with dark curls and gaping eyes,” (4.35) whose mother is very ill with cancer, and allows him to have a handgun “for protection.” Budding agoraphobic. 
  • Dee: the little boy who tells Camille about James Capisi. 
  • Ronald J Kamens: Local guy with whom Camille strikes up a conversation during Natalie’s search party. 
  • Meredith Wheeler: John Keene’s needy/controlling girlfriend, daughter of one of Adora’s friends. 
  • Beverly Van Lumm: Beverly is the nurse who cared for Marian while she was sick, and left a note in her file stating that she thought Adora had MBP Syndrome, but no one would listen to her. 
  • Chief Bill Vickery: The Police Chief of Wind Gap is “a slim fellow in his early fifties, had already sweated through his uniform. His shirt clung to his chest, and his pants puckered out in back where an ass should have been.” (1.54). He’s a typical small-town cop dealing with a big city crime: drowning in a case that’s above his pay grade, and yet resentful of the press (Camille), and especially the help Kansas City sent in the form of Richard Willis.