Study Guide

“Pity Party” Attendees in Sharp Objects

By Gillian Flynn

“Pity Party” Attendees

  • Katie Lacey: Camille’s best friend from high school; she “did well for herself”; married to Brad Brucker, “the type of husband to live where Katie said, impregnate Katie when she asked, buy Katie the Pottery Barn sofa she wanted, and otherwise shut up. He was good-looking if you looked at him long enough, and he had a dick the size of my ring finger.” (9.156) Katie tends to be manipulative and mercurial, but, uh, also a good friend? 
  • Mimi: spoiled rich girl who had never liked Camille much. 
  • Angie Papermaker: old friend, bulimic. 
  • Tish: tiny, docile tag-along to the cool crowd.