Study Guide

She's Come Undone Jealousy

By Wally Lamb


We've already created a laundry list of Dolores's negative traits in She's Come Undone: lying up a storm, blaming things on others, being mean to everyone and wondering why she has no friends. Now we finally get to the root of the problem: jealousy. Dolores wants attention, which she seems to think everyone else but her receives. Good thing she didn't grow up in the age of Facebook. She'd totally have FoMo about everything.

Questions About Jealousy

  1. Is Dolores jealous of her mother? Who else is Dolores jealous of? Are there any men Dolores is jealous of? Bust out the text to support your answers.
  2. How does Dolores treat people she's jealous of? Is it the same throughout her life? What does this tell you about her?
  3. Does Dolores grow out of her jealousy as she gets older? Why or why not?
  4. How does Dante manifest in men in this book? Are there differences between the gendered expressions?

Chew on This

Dolores is jealous of anyone—or anything—that gets attention, especially if that attention is from someone of the male persuasion.

Dolores's solution to her jealousy is often to act out in a passive-aggressive manner with a twofold purpose: to hurt the person she's jealous of, and to get more attention for herself.