Study Guide

Shiloh Section 4

By Bobbie Ann Mason

Section 4

  • The next day is Saturday and once again Mabel drops by while Norma Jean is cleaning and Leroy is studying (more like just staring at) the blueprint for the log house. Mabel, tactful as ever, talks about a dachshund (which she mistakenly calls a "datsun") that killed a baby, claiming that the mother was neglectful.
  • Norma Jean covers her ears and then does some more vacuuming to keep herself from hearing more of her mother's insensitive story, and Leroy warns Mabel to watch what she says.
  • Afterward, Norma Jean says the story was meant to punish her for smoking, and she and Leroy argue about whether or not Mabel was being intentionally hurtful. What do you think, Shmoopers?
  • Leroy opens a big bottle of beer and evenly divides it into two glasses, handing one of them to his wife. Truce.
  • He and his wife sit and watch the birds at the feeder through the kitchen window.

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