Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 11

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 11

  • Nailer wakes up with his shoulder in pain to the sound of Lucky Girl (the girl from the ship) building a fire.
  • Nailer tries to make breakfast, and the girl goes to the ship to get sugar and water.
  • Pima and Nailer talk about how Lucky Girl is smart and sly, possibly disloyal.
  • The girl comes back, and as Nailer cooks, his shoulder starts hurting (from the accident he had on the ship), so Pima looks at it and sees it's infected.
  • The girl says he needs antibiotics, which are on the clipper ship, so the three make their way to the ship, and Nailer thinks about how bad the wound in his shoulder could get.
  • When they arrive at the ship, Pima and Lucky Girl search for the medicine, but it's gone. They consider going to Lucky Strike for medicine, but Nailer doesn't want to give up his scavenge.
  • The girl says her people might have medicine, and she thinks they'll be there soon. Finally, she reveals her name as Nita Chaudhury, but her father's name is Patel and is the owner of Patel Global Transit.
  • Pima realizes that Patel's company buys scavenge from their ships, and the company is one of the reasons light crews need to make quota and crew bosses keep costs low.
  • As Pima rages, Nailer tells her to cool it because he sees a group of people approaching. Nailer realizes that it's his dad.

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