Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 12

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 12

  • Nailer watches his father's crew approach and sees that Blue Eyes, a woman who scares Nailer, and Tool, the half-man, are with him. Nailer and Pima realize that if Richard Lopez gets his hands on Nita, she's dead. Nita says it's too soon for her people to show up.
  • The three return to their camp and hide. Nailer is sick because of his infected shoulder.
  • Nailer's father appears and calls his crew before he threatens to kill Nita, even though she says she won't stand in his way of scavenging her ship.
  • As Nailer's father is about to strike, Pima lunges with her knife, nicking his throat.
  • Richard Lopez's crew urges him to avenge the blood, but Nailer, in the midst of his shivering because of illness, convinces his dad to let Pima live because Sadna, Pima's mother, saved his life during the storm.
  • Even though Richard doesn't kill Pima, he does break two of her fingers to teach her a lesson.
  • Then he decides to let Nita live because Nailer and Nita both say that she's worth more alive than dead.
  • And finally, Richard tells his son that he'll get him some medicine.
  • And Nailer passes out.

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