Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 13

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 13

  • Nailer awakes to see Nita by him. He's been out three days, and they've been slipping antibiotics in his water.
  • Pima arrives with food, her fingers in a wooden splint; Blue Eyes, a frightening woman on Richard's crew, accompanies her.
  • When the three teens have a moment alone, Pima tells Nailer that his dad is getting antsy because Nita's people haven't shown.
  • The teens tuck into the food, and Nailer's father appears; he offers Nailer a drink of whisky, and when Pima objects, he threatens her once again.
  • Tool offers to teach Pima a lesson, but Richard says it's not necessary.
  • When Nailer asks if they should try to find Nita's people, he realizes that she lied to his father about her name and wonders why.
  • Richard says that Nita's too dangerous, she knows too much, and she might be worth nothing.
  • Nailer finds out that Nita's existence is still a secret from the rest of the shipbreaking community, though her ship is scavenged almost to the bones.
  • When Richard leaves, Blue Eyes, Tool, and Moby (another crew member) bed down for the night, each one taking a watch over Nailer, Pima, and Nita; Blue Eyes tries to chain Nailer, but he doesn't let her.
  • Nailer, Pima, and Nita talk in whispers. Nita tells them that her people really are coming, but Nailer and Pima don't believe her because she already lied to Richard.
  • Looking scared, Nita admits that she really is Patel, but her people don't know where she is because she's on the run. She explains that her dad has enemies in the company, and this is why she ran into the storm. She thinks that the people chasing her are worse than Nailer's dad.
  • Pima tells her the truth: She won't survive unless she finds a protector, and no one cares about a swank with no family.
  • Nita says there might be some people still loyal to her father in Orleans, and Pima says it's a ways to Orleans. Nailer thinks they can do something pretty dangerous to get there, though, and when he asks if Nita can run, she says yes. And then she says she ran out of chances, and her life is up to the Fates.

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