Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 14

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 14

  • Before they get to Orleans, they have to get away from Richard and his goons.
  • When Moby falls asleep, Nailer creeps to where Blue Eyes is sleeping. He needs to find the keys to Nita's shackles, and he knows that he will need to hurt Blue Eyes to do it.
  • He tries not to feel guilty. But he does. Which is probably a good thing, considering who his dad is and all.
  • As Nailer approaches her, Blue Eyes awakens and the fight for survival is on. Blue Eyes overpowers Nailer, and asks him which eye he wants to keep. As she strikes, something crashes into her, and Nailer keeps his eye.
  • It's Sadna who is fighting Blue Eyes, and she brought her heavy crew to help her.
  • As Sadna and Blue Eyes fight, Nailer gets his knife and sneaks up on Blue Eyes. Nailer jams the knife into Blue Eyes's neck, but she doesn't die. Nailer wonders why and, um, so do we.
  • Finally Sadna pulls him away from the dying woman. Then Nailer throws up.
  • Tool pops up, and Sadna says that he's the one who told them where to look for the kids.
  • Nailer asks where Nita is, and she bursts into the clearing, telling them that the clipper on the beach is Pyce, leader of her enemies. She says that they want to use her against her father.
  • Nita says that she needs to leave, and Nailer mentions how they could catch the salvage train to Orleans.
  • Sadna says that it'll be dangerous (duh) and asks Nailer if he's sure he wants to risk allying himself to Nita, but Nailer realizes that he's set himself in conflict with his father by killing his crewmate, Blue Eyes. So yeah, he's going.
  • Sadna says she can't go, and then Pima says she can't either.
  • Nailer says Nita is his ticket out. Sadna and Pima aren't really sure if he can trust Nita, but Nailer realizes that his dad won't ever forget his betrayal, so Nita it is.
  • Sadna says that the smart thing to do is to sell Nita to her enemies and give the money to Richard, but Nailer can't be that cruel.
  • Sadna, Pima, and Tool see him off, and Tool decides that he will go with them; Nailer's afraid, but Sadna thanks the half-man.
  • Nailer distrusts him and wonders why Tool's coming with, and Tool explains that he doesn't want to meet the half-men from the clipper.

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