Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 15

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 15

  • Nailer watches the train roar by, wondering if it's a good idea to leap aboard. He tells Nita what to do, and she dashes off to catch the train; she grabs a ladder, curls her legs up, then climbs aboard.
  • Nailer himself takes off running, realizing how difficult jumping the train will be. He times the cars passing and after he grabs the first ladder, he falls. He rises and tries once more as the end of the train approaches, and finally grabs ahold of the ladder.
  • Weak and shaking, Nailer climbs atop the freight car, thankful that he is safe. He realizes that the train is like his path to the future, and where he's going has just got to be better than where he's been.
  • Nailer thinks of Pima and Sadna with some guilt, wondering if they'll be okay.
  • As he rides the train, he catches sight of the clipper ship and takes pleasure in the fact that he outwitted the swanks.

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