Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 22

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 22

  • As Dauntless approach the Ray, Candless grows more confident. The Ray tries to flee, and the captain gleefully gives chase before capturing her.
  • Captain Candless's crew boards the Ray and asks for Nita; they search the ship, and the Ray's captain and Candless talk about loyalty and disloyalty.
  • Then the Ray's captain implies that there's a trap for Dauntless as Reynolds sees the Pole Star on the horizon, coming to the Ray's rescue.
  • Candless orders everyone back to the Dauntless and destroys the Ray's sails.
  • The Pole Star is a fighter, and the captain hopes that it wants the Dauntless as a prize, or they're all dead.
  • The captain and his crew talk about how to outwit the Pole Star, and as they do, they realize they're right near Nailer's stomping ground, Bright Sands Beach.
  • Nailer points out errors in the maps and tells them about the Teeth, the buildings underwater that ships get stuck on frequently.
  • Candless and Reynolds discuss and decide to rely on Nailer's expertise to lead the Pole Star into the Teeth.

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