Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 24

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 24

  • Nailer drops to the floor and feels sharp pain in his ankle. His dad is dangling in the machinery, trying to figure out what's happened to him because the drugs have numbed his senses.
  • Dying, Richard Lopez calls for Nailer to help him and reminds him that they're family; then he apologizes to Nailer.
  • Nailer looks one last time at his dad and goes to Nita. He realizes that the ship has turned upside-down.
  • Though Nailer is discouraged, Nita reminds him that there is probably a way out. The duo find their way to a hole to the surface, but they need to stack cargo crates to reach it.
  • The ship is starting to go under, and Nailer tells Nita to jump for the hole so that she can help him out.
  • Nita jumps and reaches back for Nailer, but he doesn't think that he can make it. Guess what, though? He does. Which is good, since it wouldn't really do to have our hero kick the bucket, now would it?
  • The two stumble out of the ship into pounding rain and rough seas. They see the Dauntless and swim for it through the choppy ocean.
  • Nailer is struggling, but Nita tells him to let the current pull him, to just go with it.
  • He does, and as they are swept by the Dauntless, they paddle toward the life rings the crew has thrown.

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