Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 25

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 25

  • "Killing always costs" (25.1). Pima's mother reminds Nailer of this. She also tells Nailer his dad was not a good person.
  • But Nailer remembers the good times too. He feels pretty badly about killing his old man, which Sadna's glad of since his father never felt guilty about hurting others.
  • Nailer's worried that he's turning into his father after he killed his father, but Sadna assures him that he's not. She tells Nailer to go do something good, and he asks if that's all it will take to help him get over the fact that he killed his father.
  • Pima comes up, and they watch people load up Dauntless before it sets sail; Captain Candless has survived the battle and is giving orders on deck.
  • Nailer, Pima, and Sadna are no longer working on the ships; Nailer has "saved" his family from a life of hard labor because Nita has followed through on her promises.
  • Nailer and Nita wave to one another, and Pima razzes Nailer about a possible crush on Nita. They tussle down the beach, and the ocean stretches before them.

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